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Spam email is still in fashion, loyal to spamming tradition

Its about 10 per day, at least in my little gmail account, that I receive spam emails from banks telling me that I won some crazy amount of English pounds or US dollars, from layers saying that someone in Africa is a far relative of mine who gives me another crazy amount of money, from security agencies ( yeah, right ) saying that I am implicated into some weird act against the law and I should answer to that e-mail e.t.c.

One of the latest e-mails I got, gave me the idea to talk a bit about this, as I find it interesting that such emails have been reaching my inbox and other peoples' also, for at least 5 years. That got me thinking, is that a bit out of fashion? How many times am I to be told that I won a trillion dollars until I believe its a scam? Still, those emails keep on coming. Gmail protects me enough, automatically forwarding those emails to my spam folder. But imagine what would happen if it did not... What could happen to people that are not familiar with this? What if they clicked - answered - filled in the info and then sent the email back?

Ok, hint number one : 

What rings a bell here, is the amount of money which is for once more, ridiculous as it can be seen as both too much and also mis-formatted! How much $10.500,000.00 really is? Is it 10.5 thousand? I am confused. Of course this hints us that this email was probably written from someone that does not know how to format numbers and clearly, does not know how number are formatted in the US or other places in the world, surely agencies and organizations like those mentioned ( and in a crazy parallel universe where this would actually be sent ... ) do know how those are formatted.

The second one is this : 

Here the interesting part is "the united state"... well, no comment actually apart from the fact that almost new borns know that its "The United States" and not one state which is united...

The second hint here is the form needed to fill up in order to allow me to receive those weird amount of money with no problems.

Here is the signature part : 

Ok about the agent's name, I cannot know that person so let's say its real, ok about the budge number e.t.c., I am nothing like familiar with these things. Ok about the director e.t.c. NOT OK about "Yours faithfully", its like a friend of mine is sending this, it does not stick.

Also, what on Earth are those cc: indications below? Come spammers, you have to be more creative than that! At least think of those people that do know their way around email and would immediately think this is ... well, silly.

Of course, there are people that are not familiar. That kind of text could cause them frustration, maybe make them get crazy about this stuff as people that are not familiar with email and the internet, could not recognize hints like those mentioned above. Also there are a lot of indications that this email is spam and fake, maybe clear and obvious to experienced users but obscure to newcomers.

And there are newcomers, people that use the web for the first time, or older people that are not that familiar with spam, email and the web. Some people do not know about spammers at all, some don't know of their intentions either.

So what can happen to me?

Well, the above email looks a bit not-too-dangerous, but others can be much more serious. There are emails requesting your credit card info for verification. There are others that contain a file you are asked to download and open. Know that banks will not send you such emails, only informative emails. Also know that when someone you don't know sends you a file, then you need to scan this first before you open it.

The best way to be secure is to think security, be smart and maybe "internet smart". There is a lot of spam and scum going on online, some people will only spam you, thus bother you and some others will try to obtain information. Also know that if you choose to give your credit card info on an email asking for it or on a website that is of obscure identity, then there is no law that can help you undo the damage done.

Be smart and think twice when on the web and when critical personal data is requested...

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