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Connect, organize, and empower people effectively on Empeopled

If you’re an experienced internet user, you’ve probably paid a visit to most social media platforms, networks and communities available online. Every site has its logic, but eventually on most of them it all comes down to this: gain followers and friends! All about the prestige!

In this social chaos, there is a community in a start-up mode, which has the qualifications to offer more than an average social media network, in fact its whole logic is different, and it’s called Empeopled.

What’s Empeopled?

Empeopled is a 'society' network that empowers 'citizens' to vote on the best content, what the rules should be, and who should enforce them (elections). By bringing the right people together and empowering them to self-organize and self-realize their visions of the future, they are trying to build a platform for social progress.

It’s a social network, with a real social target, to empower people through democratic self-governance and meritocratic reward. A place for communities of like-minded people to have quality conversation governed by rules they choose and leaders they elect.

Yeah, it sounds pretty serious, but isn’t this the missing ingredient on most social media platforms. This is a place for you to earn your voice and be heard based on the merit of what you have to say, which hopefully means quality content!

We've checked it out

We've visited and signed up. We were asked to join societies to get the best posts about the things we care about; of course we selected Tech World, Geek Feed (!) and Top Laughs to cheer up a bit, and here is what showed up next..

On the top bar as you can see a user can search for a term that wants to be informed about, but let’s try social media to be more specific. You can either search for this topic in societies, people or content.

 As a user of Empeopled you can edit your profile and account through the settings button on the top right corner and invite friends from Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter.

We found our ranking pretty low so we decided to post an article about YouTube on the Tech World society to see what happens.

People started voting, this gave as a +12% CP. This is our Citizen Level. The higher your citizen level, the more weight your vote carries. You get points when your peers up-vote your posts and when you get enough points, your level increases. Each society tracks your contributions independently, so your citizen level is different in each. In some societies we are level 1, in others 2, hurray!

We noticed there was a yellow dot next to a society on the sidebar, and we were informed that that’s the way a user knows when there is new content added.

Great! So what’s next? There was an option of creating a new society so we took the chance and created “Social Media Stuff”, how original are we! We added a description, invited some people to join and posted some articles so it doesn’t strike as empty and vacant.

The first thing someone notices is that CP increased drastically concerning this particular society and our level as well. Oh look, we even hold a mayorship now! How cute and at the same time how addictive can this be! This platform seems to have everything that a social network needs to catch on, I mean there are points to get, levels to climb and mayorships to hold down, wow!

On Empeopled it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, there is no such section on your profile preview! What matters is posting great content, getting people to vote you and be active. It seems like it’s more important what you find interesting to share and who you personally follow, as a trustworthy content source. As you get rewarded the more addicted you become!

It’s really fascinating and did we say it’s for free! 

This platform is taking content and activity so seriously, that they are not only giving you a tutorial, but they also have a video and an infographic available for every user, that contains everything you need to know about the rules and how Empeopled works.

They are so serious about these things that they even have a separate section on every single society that informs you about the basic rules and you can add even more to the already existing.

So in conclusion, how does it work? Is it worth?

Empeopled gives you the ability to find and read curated content based on your interests. You can vote what you like and comment. As other users upvote your comments and posts, you gain points, and as you gain Citizen Points (CP), you'll level up. Higher Citizen Levels give you more influence. You get more prominently featured posts and comments, and more say on what content is good. You also gain other privileges like the right to run for Mayor or post events in a society. Its whole philosophy is something unique; it combines and adds features that other networks completely lack of.

Give it a try, and tell us what you think!


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