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Preorder Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty came to tell us the ongoing space story of Terran, Zerg and Protoss, in an ever-going battle for domination via raw and cruel war.
In this part one of the Starcraft saga, Terran's Jimmy Raynor managed to grasp the betrayed Kerrigan into his hands and stepped upon the cold and cruel commander of the Dominion.

A Terran marine depicted in StarCraft II ' s c...
A Terran marine depicted in StarCraft II ' s concept art. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jimmy now seeks to bring Kerrigan back to her former human state as a ghost unit, after being infested by the Zerg, acting as their powerful queen during the Terran campaign in SC II WOL. This episode 2 comes to narrate the story of the Zerg and their evolution after Kerrigan was captured by the forces of Raynor and its called "Heart of the Swarm".

Starcraft has a long time span. It first appeared in March 31 1998 and then took a few months to get an expansion called Brood War in then end of 1998. After this, it took it almost twelve years to come about to its second version and the Wings of Liberty campaign. So many years passed but Starcraft neven fell behind in its fans' hearts. Its an addictive and precise game that requires a lot of skill and strategic thinking along with the required ability to think fast and act so not to lose the battle.

Most important part of Starcraft is its multiplayer mode which united millions of gamers around the world into battlefields online.

We also love its pricetag, one - off and considerably cheap, its a game to have and love over possibly any other real time strategy there's out there in the world of PC gaming.

Preorder Starcraft II here and get to play on March 2013.

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