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How to disable OneDrive advertisments in Windows Explorer

In what seems to be a completely out of the blue and unheard of move which seems to validate a lot of fears about Windows 10, Microsoft is using Windows Explorer as an advertising platform. Here is a screenshot from one of our own systems:

You can change it by going to View --> Options --> View and untick "Show sync provider notifications".

It's not very clear what this will disable, but it seems to stop the ad.
This is completely ridiculous and a stupid move by Microsoft, while they literally gain nothing from it except notoriety. It seems to be one step ahead, two steps back all the time.

Hopefully there will sufficient outcry for them to stop this kind of invasive advertising. The ad itself isn't anything particularly weird or threatening in the technical level, it is its very existence that is a cause for concern though, because it touches the "holiest of the holies" of the traditional Windows desktop, which is the My Computer view of Explorer. S…
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Resident Evil 7 no stutter guide for 30 and 60 fps systems

The release of the last Resident Evil game has had us go from indifferent, to cautiously optimistic, to infatuated with one of the best releases in the series; a game on par with the couple of initial classics and the fourth instalment. Capcom decided to drop the third person over-the-shoulder perspective for this one and go with the first person camera, refreshing the whole series in the process. Make no mistake, this is one of the greats, and you owe it to yourself to at least try it out even if you aren't into horror games at all. Unlike other publishers, Capcom has been kind enough to provide a demo of the first hour of the game in Steam. Go ahead and try it.

The game itself is quite well optimized, as it is one of the initial PlayStation VR titles released and that means it has to adhere to specific latency requirements. The good news for PC gamers (sorry, no PC VR yet) is a 60fps target where most older GPUs and systems can have a proper experience. Unfortunately, the game …

Enable AMD's Radeon Chill feature for all games.

Since 2014 AMD has been following the tradition of releasing new performance and usability features in their December driver, and 2016 was no exception. Among the myriad of new features and enhancements, was also one that passed almost unnoticed, called Radeon Chill.

Stemming from AMD's acquisition of HiAlgo earlier in 2016, it offers the possibility of huge power and thermal savings while gaming, by monitoring screen movement and adjusting the frame rate accordingly. There is even the claim that it could also reduce response times since the GPU is not occupied with rendering as often.

Its only issue: it's not global, and it's based on a white list of applications to function. But fear not, for we are here. Using a trick as old as operating systems themselves, you can try to make it work with every title. Let's see how to do that.
Step One: Activate Radeon Chill. Doing that is fairly easy. Right click on your desktop and select "Radeon Settings":

Then naviga…

Ways to connect your Wordpress website with Google Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools

One of the most useful and important tools out there for your website, is Google Search Console, all in layman's terms, the place where you will see useful information about your website, tell Google more detailed info about your site, add your xml sitemap, add your structured data, teach google about your products and how they are structured on your site and more. So let's see the most common ways to add your website to Google Search Console :

First of all, you will need to sign into and log in with your Google account. Then go to "Add a property" and add your website's url. Remember, for Google. www. and non-www versions of your site are two different websites, so maybe you will need to add them both. After this step, search console will ask you how you'd like to verify you are the owner of the website :

The recommended method is downloading a file which you will then need to add to the root folder of your website in your …

How to permanently disable comments on your wordpress website

If you have a wordpress website and don't need to allow the visitors to comment on your pages, posts and custom types, then you will need to install a plugin, click a few settings and you are done!

Do I need comments?
First of all, you should ask this question about your site, do you really need comments? For instance, if your site is only providing static information on pages and does not let's say have a blog in it, then maybe you don't need to allow comments.

If your site on the other hand has a blog and you write posts here and there, then probably allowing comments would be a good thing to have.

So if you don't want any comments at all on your site, you can download and install or find and install via the plugins browser in your wordpress website, this plugin called "Disable Comments".

Once you install this plugin, you can then go to Settings -> Disable Comments and enable the plugin, check to permanently and persistently disable comments on the site…

Wordpress Security, a small introductory checklist

About Wordpress Security Wordpress security is nowadays a very big thing over the web, mainly because wordpress now accounts for at least 24% of all the websites built globally. These websites are part of what is called self-hosted wordpress. This refers to the branch of wordpress which you download and build your own website and then host on your own hosting space. You can get this branch of wordpress onto and is normally called "Self Hosted Wordpress" around the web and within the rounds of wordpress developers. There is another branch of wordpress which is hosted on wordpress's own cloud servers you can find at in which you will need to have an account and register your own blog/site. The main difference here is that with Self Hosted Wordpress, you can customize the site as you please, install your own premium theme, install plugins, chance and edit the css code, develop your own plugins and even themes and tinker with security and setting…

Static HTML Websites with the amazingly easy to use, BLOCS

Static HTML websites are still around and, in my opinion, they are very very good and also can be extremely eye-candy!

So there comes a time when you get the need to build a simple website with not so much content in it and you'd like to avoid platforms like Wordpress or a CMS in general. In such case, your option is to create what is called a static HTML website. Static means that this site will not contain dynamic parts like an auto-generated blog, or selling capabilities via a dynamic cart, it will mainly contain text, images and other "things" packed around a beautiful shell, all of it being written in and rendered by HTML.

I need to build a static HTML website easily To do that, you would need to open up a text editor and start writing many many lines of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to make your website both beautiful and also functional. In our days, you can avoid this "painful" ( at least for the newcomer to web development and design ) process. Tools s…